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Stress-free project management
cross-functional teams

Visually organize and manage your work with real-time collaboration

Break away from dreaded weekly reports,
timesheets and "what's the status?" meetings

Here’s a few screenshots…

Project Structure View
Project Structure View is a visual and intuitive Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for hierarchical decomposition of a big project into smaller, manageable components or subprojects
Project Structure View (with Status popup)
Zero-click status popup shows quick facts about a subproject, such as the recent activity, top contributors, task completion stats, whether the backlog is growing and who created this subproject
Kanban Board
A Kanban board is a visual project management tool that helps track and manage work by visualizing tasks their status, and workflow in a simple, organized manner
Planning Board
Here you decide what tasks to work on next and add them the To-Do List. Planning capacity is determined by the number of collaborators in the project — more people, more tasks to plan
To-Do List
After you planned all tasks on the Planning Board, the team can see what to work on next in the To-Do List. Here, they can also take tasks from the project list and add to their own lists
Status Board (all widgets collapsed)
This is where all essential project management questions are answered. In this screenshot, all widgets are collapsed, so only quick facts are shown. But this is already a lot data at your fingertips!
Status Board (work added)
You don't need to set anything up to have these reports. Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports are just one click away!
Status Board (work done)
Work done is more than just a list of things done, it's also numbers — of hours and dollars spent on it. For the whole project or its parts, and he best part — nobody has to do timesheets!
Status Board (work outstanding)
Track the backlog size over time and correlate it with new work added. There is also a Plus-One Simulator to imagine how the chart would look like if you hired one more person.
Status Board (task stats)
Task stats and variation are essential for tracking outliers and special causes for team productivity troubleshooting. Reducing variation improves the accuracy of forecasts.
Task Editor
Git integration, recurring and scheduled tasks, tags, completion notifications and checklists are easily accessible in the Task Editor.
One To-Do List for Multiple Projects
Imagine you work on three projects. To stay organized — you need one to-do list, not three. In this screenshot, you can see a single to-do list showing tasks from three projects: v2, launch, blog.

What people say about todo.space

Kelly KJ Morales
Kelly Morales
Creative Director at FISPAN
— it's been a game-changer for me with its simplicity, clean layout, and no-nonsense approach to project management, making it easy to focus and get things done without any unnecessary distractions. Today, I would rather use my physical notebook than go back from todo.space to Jira or Trello!
Julia Vorontosva
— before todo.space my projects felt like a mess both to me and my team (ouch). It was overwhelming seeing tasks popping out from all places. Trying to organize and prioritize seemed impossible. Now I know exactly who is working on what and when to expect major milestones. I am at peace and not fearing my own projects anymore!
Edmond Yazbeck
Edmond Yazbeck
Co-founder at Looplay
— todo.space is a gem for any project team. Unlike other tools, it never gets messy. It keeps us organized and updated on project status without the need for status meetings or reports, and offers great visibility over project interconnections.
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We see this way too often…
Project managers waste time running reports that confuse people. Team members overdose on meetings to understand project status. People lose crap they added, but can't find in their tools. Everyone struggles seeing the big picture. And most other tools create piles and pages to sift through — endlessly. So then... projects become messy and hard to manage.
That's why we created todo.space
— to convert
 ah, shit... into HELL, YEAH!
Ready to deliver your MVP without stress?
Are you a startup-minded company or cross-functional team?

Focused on delivering MVPs? With a team of 2 to 10-ish people? Are you fed up with the other tools that are big, bloated, confusing and turn your projects into a mess? Yes? Yes? Yes? And yes? Then todo.space is for y'all!

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All features for 30 days · Watch the quick-start video · Choose a project template · Write, plan & share tasks · Collaborate with the others
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Subscribe to the Team plan · Organize team's projects · Know your costs · Know, when you'll deliver
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Keep making progress · Keep going in the right direction · Keep everyone informed · Keep learning & improving
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