Delivering software is a pain

Actually, a bunch of pains...

A pain… To manage. To coordinate across teams. To know what to work on next. To see what's done, what's not. To make sense of the chaos when building, managing and delivering software.

Ugh, right?

Oh, and the project management tools? There's loads of them. Sure, they're vast and flexible. Because they're big and bloated. They're complicated to use. Take days to set up. And forever to keep tweaking.

And people input loads of issues — issues that get buried down the page. Issues no one wants to manage. No one wants to follow up on. No one wants to do reporting on. Where one has to create reports. Share reports. Meet about reports. Talk about reports. Argue about reports. Then run more reports.

Arseny Kostenko, co-founder

Why should anyone need to generate reports to answer questions about the project?

As tech founders ourselves, we created todo.space to fix all that
Oleksii Golubinskyi, co-founder


With a tool that's visual to see what's going on — at a glance. A tool that has constraints to keep people focused, knowledgeable, productive and clear. So everyone knows what's going on now and what to do next.

Without hiring a professional project manager.

Because the tool helps, not hinders you. No more procrastination because of mass confusion. No more wasting precious time on a daily basis. No more working on things that don't matter.

Todo.space is a dedicated solution for small, cross-functional teams. Teams that want to deliver solid MVP in a lean, efficient, stress-free way.

Ready to start making progress right away? Ready to learn rapidly & continuously?
Ready to deliver — the right way?
Never over plan again — by never doing waterfall again